Why Koreans good at game?

Why koreans good at game? – Most of Korean guys play games long time everyday. Some of Koreans enjoy being good at games, not enjoy game itself.

Why Koreans good at game? Korea has the best player of League of Legends.

Why Koreans play game longer?

The answer is simple, video game is much popular in Korea compare to other countries.

Almost 100% of boys are playing video games.

It is ‘video game’ in English, but consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox are not popular in Korea. Much less than PC games and mobile games.

– Why only console games are not popular?

The answer is simple again, parent never buy a console device.

Yes, I know. PCs and smartphones cost like a console device, maybe more.

However, PC and smartphone are versatile, consoles are only for games. *modern consoles are also versatile, but parents never care about that ‘game machine.’

Kids found the easiest way to get one of game machines, smartphone. (PC, before the smartphone era.)

Back to the main,

according to data, Korean kids start to play games at 4.8 years old in average. (2012)

From then, they keep talking about games with friends for decades. 

The game which is playing influences who is you will be hanging out with, your tier of the game influences your position in your group. How important it is!

They talk about games all day, there are a lot of topics and variety of games talking about. *Mostly disputing who play better!

This is Gersang, it was one of popular game when I was young.

In my childhood, there was only study at school and game at home everyday.

– Why Korean boys spend their free time only for games?

 Firstly, game is the best way for making friendship with friends. Game is the most popular hobby especially for male students, easier topic to start talking with someone.

Next, they don’t have enough time to have other hobbies. Game is easy to play and has short cycle.

For example, we need a playground for playing football, other activities are also not that different. Most activities require lots or equipments.

Most of Korean students have to attend more than 3 ‘Hagwon’ sequently, this only allows 30 minutes between each Hagwon. According to data, 78% of elementary, middle, high school students go to Hagwon in every weekdays.

If you never ever heard about Hagwon, please read wikipedia.


They cannot get out of their daily routine, no time to go to playground. But the smartphone is always in their hands, that’s it!

We can see students playing basketball, riding bikes and other activities during weekends.

Lastly, why they are playing for being good at game instead of enjoying game itself?

Korea society is high competitive. Koreans consider everything competition. Avoiding competition means lose or being outsider. Being gosu is cool! who doesn’t want to be cool?

You can easily found koreans who stuck in their level because of lack of talents.