Hot Topic : Korea murdering newborns; 12 newborns are killed cruelly.

Korea Murdering Newborns

Korea murdering newborns now. Police keep investigating, a lot of murdering have been unveiled.

Government started investigating cases that reported childbirth from hospitals, but still not reported and registered by parents. there are around 2000 cases of that, police picked only 1% of cases to investigate.

During this investigating, police caught a mother murdered her newborn and put corpse in fridge. After found one more new case of murdering, investigating is widely expanded. Now police is investigating around 780 cases. 12 cases have confirmed as murdering, these cases are spreading all around Korea.

Murder mothers claimed “Baby suddenly died, I didn’t know what should I do. I just buried.”. Difference individual, difference place, but they claimed same reasons. Unfortunately, police caught clues of murdering. All of them buried a dead body of their newborns in suburbs. 77% of parents are 10 to 29 years old.

Only few cases are finished investigating, a lot more murdering case will be unveiled during whole investigating. Approximately 5% of cases are murdering, 100 or more are murdering cases expected.

Korea is most lowest birth rate in the world, historical low on earth. We can see why, what’s the problem now. High cost proposal? expensive homes? high education cost? All of them are just excuses. People should learn respecting human and how to being humanity. Korea is kind of huge stadium, entire country is competing each others. They didn’t want to spend their money on their children instead of luxury bags, fine dining and abroad trip. As long as social media exist, Korea can’t be risen again.

As a civil-law country, only 3~5 years of imprisonment will be adjudicated. If judge care about public opinion, it can be increased, but not much.

* Updated on 8, July : 3 more found, total 15 newborns died.