Fine dining with children in Seoul : 4 restaurants you can come with your lovely children.

Visiting fine dining with children in Seoul is challenging.

When I was visited to Bangkok on April, I wanted to visit Michelin starred restaurants with my daughter, it was very difficult due to lack of information. One most baddest thing for you, Bangkok is much kids friendly. In Korea, most restaurants has no-kids policies. I’d like to introduce Michelin starred restaurants I ever visited with my daughter.


LaYeon is 2-starred restaurant in Shilla hotel, Seoul. You can dine here with your baby, no age restriction. Of course, you should care your baby for comfort of other guests. They offer baby chairs and their finger snacks are made of natural ingredients, good to give it your baby.
I talked about LaYeon before, in another post. Follow the link if you’d like to know more about.


Kojacha is 1-starred restaurant in Chengdam(part of Gangnam), Seoul. awarded on 2023. kojacha means Korea + Japan + China, which indicate what foods they serve. Chefs are from restaurants in Shilla hotel. Kojacha also accept children without an age restriction at lunch. They also have baby chairs, private rooms. You should contact them prior to visit, for best comfortable experience.
Steamed abalone with sauce, sashimi platter, seafood sampler, shark’s fin, lobster with cream sauce and jjambbong(seafoods soup noodle) with rice. You got a feel what they serve?

Steamed abalone from kojacha. kojacha is fine dining with children in Seoul.
Steamed abalone with sauce, one of their signature dish from Kojacha, Seoul.

Lunch : 130,000KRW, one course available.

Dinner : 250,000KRW, one course available.


Jungsik is famous Korean restaurant in NYC, awarded 2 stars from Michelin Guide. This is its Korea branch, also awarded 2 stars. Jungsik accepts children in a private room. You can ask to dine in a private room without extra charge, they offer baby cutleries and baby chairs.
Jungsik has iconic signature dish, called as ‘delicious gimbap’. Seasoned rice wrapped by gimbugak(deep fried seaweed), bulgogi and truffle inside, served with truffle aioli sauce. If you can’t find this menu on your course, you can order it as a-la-carte, 20,000KRW.

Delicious gimbap, signature dish of Jungsik. wrapped by gimbugak, served with truffle aioli sauce.
This is legendary dish of Jungsik. <Delicious gimbap>

Jungsik is considered as most famous Michelin starred restaurant in Korea, defined a new type of cuisine, ‘new Korean’.

Lunch : 185,000KRW, one course available.
Dinner : 280,000KRW, one course available.


Bicena is Korean cuisine, the most highest restaurant in Korea. It is placed on 81st floor of Lotte World Tower, highest building in Korea. It is ran by same company with Gaon, 3-starred restaurant.
You can enjoy traditional Korean dishes with stunning view of Seoul, must be unique and memorable moment for you. With a little modern touch like Gaon, also presentations are quite instagrammable.

Dining table with stunning view of Seoul.
Dine in observatory, Bicena is placed on 81st floor at highest building in Korea.

They offer baby chairs, baby cutlery also, request in advance.

Weekday : Lunch – 115,000KRW, Dinner – 200,000KRW

Weekend and holiday : Lunch – 140,000KRW, Dinner : 240,000KRW