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Why Koreans good at game?

Why koreans good at game? – Most of Korean guys play games long time everyday. Some of Koreans enjoy being good at games, not enjoy game itself. Why Koreans play game longer? The answer is simple, video game is much popular in Korea compare to other countries. Almost 100% of boys are playing video games. […]

Michelin Guide Seoul : Recommended 4 Best restaurants in Korea

Michelin Guide Seoul started since 2017, 35 restaurants received the stars in Michelin Guide Seoul 2023. Relative informations on internet are quite outdated, you probably need newly updated information. Let’s start from 3 stars. 3-Michelin starred restaurants in Michelin Guide Seoul Gaon(가온) Gaon awarded 3 stars since 2017 first year of Michelin Guide Seoul, still […]

Hot Topic : Korea murdering newborns; 12 newborns are killed cruelly.

Korea Murdering Newborns Korea murdering newborns now. Police keep investigating, a lot of murdering have been unveiled. Government started investigating cases that reported childbirth from hospitals, but still not reported and registered by parents. there are around 2000 cases of that, police picked only 1% of cases to investigate. During this investigating, police caught a […]